ID BOX Tools

 eDocument verification and citizen authentication with your mobile phone

ID BOX Tools is an SDK dedicated to application developers and systems integrators allowing them to add ID document verification and citizen authentication functions to their applications, with just a standard smart phone.

Users can view the SDK in action thanks to our demonstration app (Android Package – APK),  that will be sent on demand at The demonstration app allows users to evaluate the functionalities of the SDK.


Features: High speed MRZ scan for 1 to 3 lines (for all ID cards and ePassports) – NFC reading for ISO 14443 Type A and B cards and ePassports.

Benefits: Reads all types of ID documents, using the smartphone camera and NFC capabilities. Reads any MRZ and contactless chip and sends data to the app.

Markets: Applications to be used by professionals include enrollment, Know Your Customer procedures, hotel and car rental check-in, administration services, citizens ID control by law enforcement officers, …
Applications can also be used directly by end-users allowing the implementation of secure self-enrolment, self-registering, self hotel check-in, self airline check-in, etc.

Customers: Application developers both for professional services and for the public at large

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