ID BOX - ID3 Attach series

Simple add-on for kiosks to read identity documents

ID BOX 211

ID BOX 221

ID BOX 222

ID BOX 232

MRZ scanner

Contactless reader

(2 antennas)

(2 antennas)

Contact reader

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Features: Ready to snap on the side of an existing kiosk, automat, vending machine etc. The ID BOX – ID3 Attach series reads all ePassports and ID documents such as national ID cards, driver’s licenses, residence permits and others…

Benefits: ID BOX Attach is the smallest static eID reader of the market. ID BOX – ID3 Attach series reads the MRZ and the chip of electronic ID documents without action from the user. It supports all ICAO standards and ensures documents are read fast and accurately.

Markets: Hotel check-in, airport passport control, self-service terminal, banking KYC, SIM registration, car rental, …

Customers: Integrators or third parties in need of adding ID document reading functions onto kiosks, terminals, etc.

Video ID BOX ONE - Attach