ID READER - OEM series

State-of-the-Art contact and contactless reader for identity document reading

Features: Extensive OEM reader family able to communicate both in contact and contactless modes. The low power consumption ID READER – OEM series communicates in USB or in serial protocol (High speed UART) with its host through CCID protocol. The ID READER – OEM series is field upgradeable.

Benefits: Compact, low-power and ready-to-integrate board providing fast read and write functions for contact and contactless cards.

Markets: The ID READER – OEM series fits the requirements of all hardware developers in need of adding contact and/or contactless card read and write functions in their device. Thanks to its eID multiplatform SDKs ELYCTIS supports customers in developing even faster their applications. Typically developers of mobile devices, kiosks, access control systems, vending or gambling machines, car sharing systems will find in the ID READER – OEM series an answer to all their needs.

Customers: Developers of systems such as mobiles device, kiosks, self-identification machines where a contact and/or contactless card reader is needed.

ID READER – OEM series