At Elyctis, we are proud of the expertise we have been building about government and non-government identity needs. We have a strong background in the secure transactions industry that leads us to know how to control electronic ID documents.

It is important to realize that the look of a banking card does not affect its functionality. Many financial institutions propose their customers to upload their own pictures and have them printed on their credit card. What makes a credit card authentic, what allows to use it to withdraw money or make purchases is the electronics.

More than 10 years after the inception of the electronic passport, and many electronic Identity Documents (eID), most governments have heavily invested on the issuance side. Now, electronic passports (ePassports) have been rolled out by more than 110 countries, and over 550 million ePassports are in circulation.

Unfortunately, while most countries have been heavily focusing on the issuance side, fewer efforts have been spent on the control side.

Many governments have not yet deployed all the appropriate infrastructure to control systematically the electronic parts of ePassports and still rely on visual controls that only verify the printing aspects of the documents.

It has been demonstrated that an efficient security could only be achieved by reading and verifying the electronics of an ePassport (or more generally an eID)

Elyctis brings to the market its expertise in optical and electronic reading of Identity Documents. Thanks to Elyctis extensive range of readers, governments, agencies, border patrols, and more generally every organization in need of reading ID documents is able to check in a secure manner all types of IDs.

Elyctis readers bring a solution to all ID reading needs in fixed and mobile modes.