ID BOX One - OEM series

Thinnest easy-to-integrate MRZ and RF reader

Features:  Scans 1 line MRZ (IDL, CAN…), 2 lines MRZ (ID2 cards, ePP) or 3 lines MRZ (eID) and reads RFID chip content. Short reading time, easy integration thanks to USB or UART communication, ultra-thin (13.5mm thick only), low consumption.

Benefits:  Compact-size scanner to read both MRZ and RFID chip without user action. Integration made easy thanks to the MRZ scanner low consumption combined with very short reading time and efficient detection mode

Markets:  Airport passport control, Hotel check-in, Mobile ID verification, Banking registration, SIM registration, Car rental, …

Customers:  Integrators developing all types of applications in need of a fast, efficient and easy to integrate solution to read an ID document MRZ.

ID BOX One – OEM series