Nov 23, 2016
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Elyctis brings a revolution in the world of ID verification with its ID TAB – 9” series, a mobile solution for ID check that brings ease of use and modularity to governments and all organizations needing to read ID documents.


Elyctis ID TAB – 9” series brings mobility and flexibility to ID verification

PERTUIS, FRANCE, November 23, 2016 – Elyctis introduces the ID TAB – 9” series, a brand new tablet dedicated to verifying ID documents in mobility. The ID TAB – 9” series brings convenience to all situations where governments and private entities have to read ePassports, ID cards and, more generally, all types of ID documents.

Now, with the Elyctis ID TAB, users are able to perform anywhere all kinds of ID checks. In many cases, authorities or business need to verify ePassports or other ID documents away from their office, aboard vehicles, when patrolling or more generally in all mobile situations.

Elyctis ID TAB – 9” series is the perfect fit for both public and private sector needs. Governments will use the ID TAB – 9” series for border control, driving license read, ID document verification, or verification at issuance, among other situations. All types of private entities are bound to use the ID TAB for banking KYC (Know Your Customer) records, mobile check-in, SIM registration and many more applications.

Thanks to its movementless scanner, the ID TAB allows a user to read the MRZ (machine-readable zone) of an ePassport or an ID card in a single step, thus making ID document reading fast and easy.

The ID TAB – 9” series, natively equipped with 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an 8 Mp camera, is modular in order to satisfy all needs for ID verification. The tablet body can include two modules, allowing to support a variety of features such as MRZ reading, RFID reading, contact smart card, contactless smart card, security modules, biometrics, magstripe, 1D/2D barcode, etc. This way, each combination of modules will make the tablet unique to fit the requirements of each customer.

As of now, two extension modules are already available for the Elyctis ID TAB – 9” series:

  • The module 321 includes RFID reading along with Elyctis movementless MRZ scanner,
  • The module 331 includes two slots in ID-1 format and a security module in SIM format.

Alexandre Joly, CEO of Elyctis says: “In every ID document control application, there is now a requirement for mobility: the ID TAB is the perfect solution for all government and private needs and it will allow them to deliver a better and more flexible service to all citizens.”

In addition, Elyctis will be present at Trustech, incorporating Cartes, trade show, in Cannes, France, from November 29th to December 1st, 2016. The Elyctis ID TAB and all other Elyctis products will be demonstrated on Elyctis booth Riviera J 049.

In related news, Alexandre Joly, Elyctis CEO, who had already received the support of the Réseau Entreprendre (Entrepreneurial network) since 2011 has now been awarded the 2016 Ambition program from the organization. Reseau Entreprendre is an association of entrepreneurs who share a passion for entrepreneurship and give their time in free mentoring to other entrepreneurs.

More information about Elyctis ID TAB - 9" series can be found here


About Elyctis

 Created in 2008, Elyctis specializes in the development, industrialization, production and marketing of fixed and mobile readers dedicated to Secure Identity Documents (e-passport, e-ID card, e-driver license,...). The company, which now employs 14 people, has a longstanding expertise in eID projects, as well as hardware and software developments. Elyctis sells its products through its network of distributors and systems integrators, to whom it provides development kits to facilitate the use of its readers. Elyctis is headquartered in Pertuis, France, and has a sales office in Hong Kong.

Alexandre Joly, Elyctis founder and CEO is a laureate of Reseau Entreprendre since 2011, and a laureate of the Reseau Entreprendre Ambition program in 2016.



Alexandre JOLY, CEO, +33 6 27 71 37 68


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